Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Cloggers on the NSP

Hey, it's Rocky. Again.
As you can tell by the title, I'll be blogging about how I feel about certain people clogging the NSP. Now, they may be excited and happy and all that about a new idea, but really? Posting one line or two on the NSP is NOT the way to go. Go on the A/N! (Author's Notes, not the Arin Network or whatever). Post it there! Go on Writers Block! People will help you if you just ASK. Don't clog the NSP with meaningless news that nobody want's to hear about.
  Now, if you're reading my blog and thinking, "How dare she! I can post whatever i want on the Newest Stories Page!" Well newbies, I was once in your shoes. My first clogger post was about my finding a spider in the toilet paper. People really hung me up to dry on that one. And I got SO mad, but now I realize that clogging is BAD. And those people who were "bashing" me were actually trying to HELP.
So, if your like certain people, and you believe that comments are bad and have no meaning, that is not true at all. KidPub is a writing site, not a "ooh, look how wonderful their writing is" site. So, I advise you newer members to either post on the AN or WB. Ask around. People'll help you.

Don't post on the NSP unless it's a story. Thank you for reading.

Google Plus? What about Google Buzz?

Okay, if you have a gmail account like me, you'll know that Google Buzz is going away so they can work on Google Plus. And many buzzians (like me) feel strongly about this matter. We want Buzz still here! I remember when there was no buzz. I hardly got any emails! Then, when Buzz started, I found it entertaining and a nice way to waste (i mean spend) my time, chatting with friends, posting random things, and people would comment and that resulted in emails. I just LOVE getting emails. And mail. Of any kind.
But now, Google is taking Buzz away and focusing on Google Plus. And you have to be older than twelve in order to sign up, apparently. -.- BUT i'm ALMOST thirteen! Do not doubt me! I WILL TURN THIRTEEN!!!!! Heh. I'm kinda excited about turning 13. As you can see.
Anyway, back to the Plus. I think that Buzz was perfectly fine. What about you?
So, yea. Um, I promise I'll blog longer and about interesting stuff, okay? Sorry this is short. *kicks blog*